Ways To Fix ‘Err_Connection_Reset’ Error In Google Chrome

In today’s world, the internet is an essential element of everyday life. Our lives would be completely different if we didn’t have it. Having access to up-to-the-second news and entertainment is made possible thanks to the Internet.

However, as internet access becomes more pleasurable and convenient, it also becomes more difficult to navigate. Problems and mistakes arise from time to time about which we know nothing or very little. These problems cannot be solved until we have a working knowledge of computer technology.


In the digital age, uninterrupted internet access is crucial, and encountering errors can be a significant disruption. One such common error experienced by users is the ‘ERR_CONNECTION_RESET’ in Google Chrome.

This comprehensive article aims to explain the meaning of this error, delve into its potential causes, and provide effective solutions for resolving it.

Whether you’re a regular internet user, a professional working remotely, or someone who relies heavily on online resources, understanding and addressing the ‘ERR_CONNECTION_RESET’ error is essential for a smooth online experience.

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The ‘ERR_CONNECTION_RESET’ error in Google Chrome indicates that something interrupted and reset the connection while the page was loading. Essentially, the browser was unable to establish a stable connection or the connection was interrupted, leading to the failure of the page loading process.

Causes of the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error in Chrome

Understanding the reasons behind this error is key to effectively troubleshooting it. The ‘ERR_CONNECTION_RESET’ error can occur due to various factors:

  1. Network Connection Issues: An unstable or weak internet connection can disrupt communication between your browser and the website’s server.
  2. Browser Configuration Problems: Incorrect settings or corrupted files in your browser can prevent a successful connection.
  3. Firewall or Antivirus Interference: Sometimes, firewall or antivirus settings might block the connection to certain websites.
  4. Corrupted Browser Cache or Cookies: Corrupted cache or cookies in Chrome can lead to various connection errors, including this one.
  5. Outdated Network Drivers: Outdated or corrupt network drivers can also cause connection issues.
  6. Router or Modem Issues: Problems with your networking hardware, such as a router or modem, can interrupt internet connectivity.

Err_Connection_Reset Error: How Do I Fix It?

When this error happens, you’ll see a code 101 saying “connection not established” appear on your computer. There is a problem connecting to the website you are trying to access, and this warning will appear if this occurs. Some websites will only be affected, while others will still be available.

There was a problem resetting the connection, according to this message. The main source of the problem is unknown, so you must explore a variety of approaches in order to find an effective remedy. It is impossible to tell if the fault is with the server or the network.

To help you overcome this problem, I’ve compiled a list of very simple fixes that you can try in order to connect to a website.

1. Changing The DNS Server 

The DNS server may be malfunctioning. Domain name system, or DNS server, is what it means. Translating domain names to IP addresses relies heavily on it. This server may be experiencing an issue. Following the simple procedures listed below will allow you to alter your DNS server:

Step 1: When you press the start button, enter in “settings,” and then select the app. Click on Network And Internet in the next step.  Change adapter settings appears on your screen, and you’ll want to click on it.

Step 2: You’ll need to go to the properties of the network adapter you just selected. As a last step, there will be an option that reads “”.” The following lines are used to make this connection: It’s time to find and tap on internet protocol version 4.

Further, we need to enter our preferred and alternate DNS servers in this step. is a typewriter keyboard shortcut. and

Step 3: Select the Command prompt from the fast access menu. Finally, type the command ipconfig/flushdns and press the Enter key.

Go back and see if you can connect to a certain website now that the DNS server has been changed.

2. Resetting The LAN Proxy Configuration

Additionally, there may be a problem with the LAN proxy configurations. These settings can be returned to their original state by following the methods outlined below.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and R on the keyboard at the same time for a shortcut. Navigate to the Internet Properties tab in the run programme that has now been activated.

Step 2: From there, go to the connections menu and select LAN settings. You must uncheck each item one at a time by clicking on them in the list. The next step is to click the OK button once you have unchecked all of the options to complete the reset process.

Step 3: Return to the Windows menu and restart your computer. Check to see if the problem has been repaired, and then go ahead and use Chrome’s features.

3. Reset Your Network Settings

There may be a problem with your network configuration that is preventing you from connecting to the Internet. In order to use this method, you will need to reset your device’s network settings. Third-party programmes may cause incorrect network settings, so this is necessary.

Step 1: Go to the quick access menu and select a shortcut. Shortcut keys can also be used to perform this task. Make your choice from a variety of command prompts that appear in the quick access menu.

Step 2: Finally, put the following commands into your keyboard and hit Enter after each one to successfully reset your network configuration.

Step 3: A winsock reset can be performed by typing netsh winsock reset.

Int ip reset with netsh int ip



reset ipv4 in the netsh interface

Netsh ipv6 interface reset

ipconfig/flushdns reset

Step 4: Restart your device to see whether the error persists after typing and pressing enter on the following commands.

4. Incorporating a New MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

However, if the problem persists, it may be due to a misconfigured MTU preventing a successful connection to a website. It is possible that some devices or routers interfere with MTU operations. Learn how to set up an optimum MTU in this part so that it won’t be a problem in the future.

Step 1: To get started, you’ll need to find the network name. In order to open the run software, you must first know its name. You can do this by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and the R button.

Step 2: Run window will pop up on your screen. Enter “user tool” to make it active. Enter the command ncpa.cpl. In addition, if you’re using an ethernet connection, type “”

Step 3: Your network’s subinterface will be named “your network name” with a maximum transmission unit (mtu) of 1472. When using a wireless connection, type in the network name.

IPv4 subinterface “your network name” with mtu=1472 in the Netsh interface store=persistent

Finally, press the Enter key and restart your phone or tablet.

5. Disabling Antivirus and Firewall Protection

The firewall and anti-virus software you use to safeguard your machine from viruses and malware are critical components of Chrome’s security. This incredible function, however, can occasionally also block some important websites because they are suspected of harming a computer and being hazardous.

The Err_Connection_Reset error might be caused by this blocking. Antivirus software can be installed or disabled depending on whether you are confident that this website is safe for your computer and trustworthy.

If you have an AV engine that supports real-time scanning, it’s a cinch! You only need to click on the AV icon next to the clock to turn off the security measures. Reinstall the firewall to see if the problem persists, and if not, try checking for the error again.

If firewall and antivirus were the main perpetrators, then this should solve the problem. To get around this issue, you can use a virtual private network (VPN). You can try this if the other options fail, such as changing your DNS server, resetting LAN proxy or network configuration, altering Maximum Transmission Unit, disabling firewall and antivirus protection software.

VPNs allow us to restrict or ban access to specific websites or servers. VPNs can circumvent various restrictions imposed by internet service providers. A virtual private network (VPN) may be beneficial to you if it helps you resolve your problem.

There’s a chance your IP address is the source of the issue as well. Contact your IP address provider and explain the situation to him to get a new IP address, or you can do it yourself. He should be able to help you get a new IP address and fix the problem.

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As a result of this article, I’m confident that your issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. All of these options must be tried out sequentially until one is found that is ideal for you. If the problem persists, contact your internet service provider for assistance.