5 Best Alternatives For ‘Yahoo View’

Yahoo View was a joint venture with Hulu to establish a streaming service. This agreement was created to provide all of the free content, from Hulu to Yahoo. As a result of this agreement, Hulu’s free services were shut down, and all free content was moved to Yahoo View.

5 Best Yahoo View Alternatives

Yahoo View, a free streaming service, became the home of free ad-supported content after Hulu’s free service was shut down. Viewers could access free segments, news and entertainment items, and even entire episodes. Here are five alternatives to Yahoo View.


1. YouTube

If you’re looking for entertainment, lifestyle, or news clips, YouTube may have what you’re looking for. Most media outlets have their own channel for displaying small chunks and highlights from stories, similar to the featured material on Yahoo View.

For celebrity news, turn to PeopleTV, CNN and Fox News for news videos, and New York Magazine for a little bit of everything. You may also catch up on the week’s cord cutting news on the Cord Cutters News channel. On YouTube, you can find everything, whether it’s entertainment, lifestyle, or news.

If you like, you may even create your own channel and publish videos to the internet. In addition, news organisations create YouTube accounts to share excerpts and highlights from stories. This is very similar to Yahoo’s featured content feature.

If you want to view celebrity news, look at other people’s televisions. CNN and FOX News are two news networks to monitor if you want to stay up to date on what’s going on in the world.

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2. Roku Channel 

For Roku users, the Roku Channel includes a lot of free content. The channel features weather from WeatherNation, news from Newsy, entertainment news from TMZ, and full TV episodes and movies from FilmRise.

The Roku Channel is a website that allows you to stream movies and TV shows from across the world. The majority of the content is free, with a few outliers where you must watch the movie online. Thousands of new movies, popular TV shows, and live news are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Pluto Television

Pluto TV is a United States-based internet television service. Furthermore, it is a viable substitute for Yahoo View, and it shares numerous qualities with Yahoo View. You may also view thousands of on-demand movies and television programmes for free, as well as 250+ channels.

Visitors can also view movies and episodes for free online through the programme. If you’re looking for free TV shows, Pluto could be the answer. Among the genres provided on the free streaming service are movies, mews, sports, comedy, entertainment, lifestyle, and more.

You’ll discover some of the same content as Yahoo View, as well as many more live and on-demand TV channels and full-length movies.

4. Crunchyroll

On Yahoo View, anime was a popular category. There are dedicated anime streaming sites, as well as paid streaming portals that are beginning to extend their anime offerings. Crunchyroll offers both free and paid material, including many of the titles from Yahoo View, as well as a premium membership that grants complete access to the site’s content.

The anime shows on Yahoo View are well-known. Crunchyroll is an excellent alternative to Yahoo View because it is the top platform for all anime-related content. You can also find a wide range of things, including manga, magazines, and all forms of anime amusement.

This site is a one-stop shop for all of your requirements. On the website, there is a big database of anime. There are also high-definition videos on the website.

5. Tubi

Tubi is a totally free streaming service with thousands of films to choose from. In the same categories as Yahoo View, you’ll find comedy, science fiction, drama, action, and movies. Not Found on Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes Highly Rated are two more categories.

Tubi includes a category for people who will miss Yahoo View’s anime, as well as a large library of series and movies. Just with Yahoo View, you may watch movies and TV shows from a variety of genres, including action, comedy, documentary, romance, and more.

A vast number of award-winning and nominated films and television episodes are available on the Internet. Tubi is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung smart TVs, Sony smart TVs, PlayStations, and the web, among other platforms.

Details About the Yahoo View Website:

The Emergence and Evolution of Yahoo View:

Yahoo View started as an extension of Yahoo’s digital content strategy, focusing on providing a streaming platform for TV shows, movies, and clips.

This section will delve into the history of Yahoo View, highlighting its partnership with Hulu and how it differentiated itself from other streaming services. The evolution of Yahoo View reflects the changing landscape of digital media consumption and the platform’s efforts to cater to diverse viewer preferences.

Features and User Interface of Yahoo View:

Yahoo View was known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features that enhanced the streaming experience. This segment will detail the functionalities of Yahoo View, including its navigation system, search capabilities, and categorization of content.

The user experience of accessing and using the site, from browsing content to watching shows and movies, will be examined, demonstrating Yahoo View’s commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

Yahoo View Content Library and Accessibility:

Yahoo View boasted an extensive library of content, featuring TV shows, movies, and clips across various genres. This section will explore the range and diversity of content available on Yahoo View, discussing how it catered to different tastes and preferences in entertainment.

The article will also cover the accessibility of Yahoo View across different devices and platforms, highlighting how it ensured a convenient and inclusive viewing experience.

Yahoo View Collaboration with Hulu and Its Impact:

One of the key aspects of Yahoo View was its collaboration with Hulu, which significantly impacted its content offerings and viewer reach.

This section will discuss the nature of the partnership between Yahoo View and Hulu, focusing on how it benefited users in terms of content variety and viewing options. The impact of this collaboration on Yahoo View’s position in the streaming market will also be examined.

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These are several Yahoo View alternatives that you will certainly appreciate. I hope you find these YahooView alternatives to be useful.