When is Men’s Snowboarding Olympics 2022

At the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, Max Parrot won the big air snowboarding qualifying on Monday, February 14.

Canada’s Parrot is on cloud nine after his spectacular slopestyle gold medal triumph, and he might be on for a golden double in Tuesday’s big air final, which drew a lot of attention on Valentine’s Day.

When is Men's Snowboarding Olympics 2022

When is Men’s Snowboarding Olympics 2022

The 27-year-old athlete’s 78.25 in Run 1 and 86.50 in Run 2 for a 164.75 total at the big air Shougang site demonstrated his skill.

In Run 3, he attempted an 18 spinning cab, but he slipped out by leaning back. In the final, he plans to land the trick.

The large air category at the Beijing Olympics is one of the most exciting and unexpected events, with riders frequently exchanging places on the podium and anyone being able to win on any given day.

The 20-year-old Japanese Otsuka Takeru, who has already shown that he has podium potential by qualifying in second place with a cumulative score of 160, is one such example.

Takeru came in second, while Red Gerard took third after landing a fantastic switch backside 16 on his final run to secure his position.

Kunitake Hiroaki of Japan came in at number four, and Su Yiming of China, a rising star at the tender age of seventeen, took the fifth spot.

If Su had been able to maintain his frontside 18 in Run 3, his score would have been even higher. We should all brace for impact if he manages to land it in the championship match.
Watching the Men’s Snowboarding Gold Medal Final: A Preview and Who to Look Out For
On the 15th of February, there will be a number of riders that are capable of taking home the big air title.

He’d do Anything to Win China’s First-Ever Big-Air Snowboarding Gold Medal.

The youthful sensation from Jilin won the Steamboat major bir in the United States in December 2021, giving him a huge confidence boost.

Mark McMorris, winner of three Olympic bronze medals in slopestyle, including a medal in Beijing’s big air competition, placed eighth and therefore advanced to the final.

Kleveland, winner of the X Games big air and the Aspen 2021 World Championships, was expected to do well at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. On his final run, he landed a front 14 tail with a fantastic melon hold.

Who will Compete in the Men’s Big Air Snowboarding Final at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing?

The final tally for the 12 qualifying players is as follows:

  • Red Gerard (USA) 158.75 Kunitake Hiroaki (Japan) 158.25 Su Yiming (CHN) 155.25 Max Parrot (CAN) 164.75
  • Kleveland, Marcus (Norway), 151.50
  • Swedish athlete Sven Thorgren 151.00
  • 147.25 for Canadian Mark McMorris
  • 146.50 for Mons Roisland of Norway; 146.00 for Chris Corning of the United States; 142.75 for Niek van der Velden of the Netherlands
  • The Canadian equivalent of Sharpe Darcy is $142.

When does the Beijing 2022 Olympic Gold Medal Match for Men’s Big Air Snowboarding Take Place?

On February 15th, the men will compete in the large air final.

Olympic record timings for big air gold

  • First and Final Run for Men’s Big Air Snowboarding, 13:00–13:20 (Beijing local time)
  • Second-to-Last-Run Men’s Snowboard Big Air: 13:22–13:42
  • Third and final run for the men’s big air snowboarding competition, 13:45-14:05