9 Best ‘Video Editing Software’ for Beginners

Nowadays videos is one of the most popular modes of content acquiring, most people love to watch video content instead of searching on Google or reading in the magazine. People preferred video consumption more than the other mode of knowledge. This is proven by the massive increment in the engagement of YouTube in the last few years.

And similarly, on Facebook, the video content is more acquired by users. This massive engagement of people wants unique and great content from the creator, which makes responsibility for the creator to give great content to the user and this happens with the great editing in the videos by the creator.

We listed some best editing software for the creator to prefer the best one from there. So let start our list and find the best software for you.

Video Editing Software

9 Best ‘Video Editing Software’ for Beginners

Filmora from Wondershare

Filmora is one of the easiest and well-maintained video-editing software, Filmora allows the user for many options and has very unique features that make Filmora one of the best video editors to use. It’s easy workspace interface make Filmora easy for the user to use, Filmora offer 4k editing and gif support which is quite a good thing for a variety option.

One of the best features of Filmora is the “Easy Mode” this feature makes editing very easy for the new user. Filmora also allow some good features also, Filmora costs you $39.99 for a year or you can buy for a lifetime at $59.99.

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Nero Video

So second software on our list is ‘Nero Video’ which is one of the cheapest video-editing software among all the other options in the market. Nero Video is best for those who are starting to learn video-editing this software is best for them.

Nero Video has some good transaction options and it also contains some decent effect and color grading options, but it not stand-out from other options we had. It prices you at the low side it only cost you $49.99 for lifetime validity.


So the next software on the list is ‘Lumen5’, which is not an editing software I say it is more video editing tool. This software has a drag and drop interface for editing the video, this software helps you to edit video for your social media platforms, not for professional use.

Lumen 5 is to make the blog creation for a social media platform, lumen 5 has different templates, different sounds, and different effects which is great for your blog campaign on different platforms. Lumen 5 is free for the videos of 420p you can create as many as you can but for 1080p you have to buy a premium version for $50 per month.

Corel VideoStudio

So one more software on the list is ‘Corel VideoStudio’ which is also one of the best editors software on our list. Corel VideoStudio has one of the best motion trackings features this feature of Corel VideoStudio you have the best motion tracking you can cut, blur, point the object and it tracks in the cut this features help you in many different ways motion tracking option is available in all the software but Corel VideoStudio stands out among them all.

Corel VideoStudio has included VR and 4k support also in it and some outstanding color grading options. Corel VideoStudio cost you a one-time payment of $51.99.

CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is one of the beginners friendly software for video editing. This software is very easy to use and has a variety of effects and transactions for the user. It has a basic interface for the workspace and it has also an option for 4k editing and 360 degrees VR footage edit also.

It is the fastest software on the list which means it’s rendering of video is quite fast from others. It cost you a one-time payment of 79.99 dollars.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe is one of the biggest company for providing editing tools in every field of creativity. So next software from the list is from adobe software stands for ‘Adobe Premiere Elements’ which is a beginner video editing software from adobe.

In this software, you get the name of adobe in the title which makes a huge impact on the software but it is quite expensive from the others in terms of features provided by other software. Adobe Premiere Elements has guided edits in the software and has a quite simple and professional interface to use, it cost you at the higher side in term of other one-time payment of $79.99.

Pinnacle Studio

The next software on our list is one of the top-line software in video-editing known as ‘Pinnacle Studio’. This software has a good range of different features which is listed in editing. This professional editing software is equipped with a wide range of effects and options for making your editing smooth and effective. The rendering speed is faster and smooth also. So, this high range of features cost you high to this software cost you $129.95 for lifetime validity.

Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the most famous and most used editing software on the list is ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’. Adobe Premiere Pro is mostly used software by professionals in the world, it allows you to do a variety of effects and make color grading in the video it is a very wide range of features like 4k editing, multi-cam, color grading, motion tracking, and easy to use interface, etc.

These different and wide features make Adobe Premiere Pro so recommended software in the whole world. It cost you $19.99 every month.

Final Cut Pro

The last software on our list is Final Cut Pro. It is a big rival of the Adobe Premiere Pro, both software are top editing software. Final Cut Pro is only available for macOS. It also comes with a wide range of options and features and has a smooth interface to use. It cost you a one-time payment of $299.99 which is worth giving if you have professional work to do.

Details About the Video Editing Software:

Introduction to Video Editing Software

Video editing software is a digital tool that enables the manipulation and enhancement of video files. It allows users to cut, splice, rearrange, and augment video content to create polished, professional-looking outputs. From simple clip trimming to adding complex visual effects, video editing software caters to a broad spectrum of needs and skill levels.

Historical Context of Video Editing

Traditionally, video editing was a labor-intensive process involving physically cutting and splicing film strips. The advent of digital technology revolutionized this process, leading to the development of software that allows users to edit videos with precision and creativity on their computers.

Key Features of Video Editing Software

1. Timeline-Based Editing

Provides a visual interface where video clips can be arranged, cut, and spliced along a chronological timeline.

2. Transition Effects

Offers various transitions to smoothly switch between clips, enhancing the video’s flow and storytelling.

3. Color Correction and Grading

Enables the adjustment of color settings to achieve a specific mood or visual consistency.

4. Audio Editing

Includes tools for adjusting audio levels, syncing soundtracks, and adding voiceovers or sound effects.

5. Special Effects and Graphics

Facilitates the addition of visual effects, text overlays, and motion graphics to videos.

6. Export and Rendering Capabilities

Allows videos to be exported in various formats and resolutions, suitable for different platforms and devices.

Benefits of Using Video Editing Software

1. Creative Control and Customization

Provides the freedom to transform raw footage into a creatively tailored final product.

2. Enhanced Storytelling

Enhances the narrative quality of videos, enabling creators to convey stories and messages more effectively.

3. Professional Quality Output

Enables the production of high-quality videos with a professional look, even for amateur editors.

4. Accessibility and Convenience

With a range of software available, from beginner-friendly to professional-grade, users can choose tools that best fit their skill level and needs.

Types of Video Editing Software

1. Basic Editing Software

Ideal for beginners or those with simple editing needs. These programs offer essential editing tools in a user-friendly interface.

2. Advanced Editing Suites

Targeted at professionals and experienced users, these offer a comprehensive set of tools for detailed and complex editing.

3. Online and Cloud-Based Editors

Web-based editing tools that provide convenience and accessibility, allowing editing from different devices.

Choosing the Right Video Editing Software

1. Identify Your Editing Needs

Consider the complexity of your projects to determine the level of functionality you require.

2. Evaluate Ease of Use

Choose software with an intuitive interface if you are a beginner, or more advanced options if you have experience in video editing.

3. System Compatibility and Requirements

Ensure the software is compatible with your operating system and that your hardware can support its processing demands.

4. Budget Considerations

Evaluate whether a free version suffices or if investing in a paid software with more features is necessary.

5. Explore Additional Features

Look for additional features like stock footage libraries, collaboration tools, or VR editing capabilities, depending on your specific needs.

6. Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations

Check user reviews and seek recommendations from experienced editors to make an informed decision.

Implementing Video Editing Software

1. Training and Skill Development

Invest time in learning and mastering the software through tutorials, online courses, or hands-on practice.

2. Experimentation

Experiment with different styles, effects, and techniques to discover your unique editing style.

3. Staying Updated

Keep up with software updates and new trends in video editing to continually enhance your skills and outputs.

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Video editing is dependent on the editor of the video, it can give you the magic with simple tools only. He doesn’t need any high specs tools to show his magic but it good software makes your work easy. You have to choose the software as per your requirement and in your appropriate cost, that package is best for you.