How To Fix System ‘Thread Exception Not Handled’ Error

The System Thread Exception Not Handled Warning is a common issue. The System Thread Exception Not Handled problem in Windows 10 can be fixed, but don’t give up hope. It is possible to find a solution by using a few of these methods.

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It’s impossible to predict when this error may occur, and it could happen at any time. In addition, it prevents you from using Windows in any way. The most likely cause is a conflict between components, which occurs when your System is first booting up.

It is possible that a system strand on your workstation created an exception for an inaccuracy that the coordinator missed. This has resulted in a system-wide error message (bsod) since the computer was unable to identify and remedy the problem.

0x0000007E, 0x1000007E, or if you’re lucky, the file name that’s malfunctioning, such as atikmdag.sys, nvlddmkm.sys, igdkmd64.sys, and so on are commonly associated with this halt syntax. Although it’s a bummer that this error frequently causes a laptop to reboot, a safe mode reboot is the only way to break the habit.

The “System Thread Exception Not Handled” problem is more likely to occur when you restart or restart your computer after a power outage. The problem can, however, occur from time to time, and it’s known to occur when the user is running a programme that requires additional visual adapters.

This problem happens when incorrect drivers are downloaded, which could be outdated, corrupted, or simply incorrect. The “System Thread Exception Not Handled” error in Windows 10 can occur for a variety of reasons, two of which being the possible effects of spyware and incorrectly loaded visual drivers.

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Deciphering the System Thread Exception Not Handled Error

The “System Thread Exception Not Handled” error, often displayed as a blue screen with error code 0x0000007E, indicates that a thread in the Windows operating system encountered an unhandled exception.

This exception could arise due to various factors, including incompatible drivers, hardware issues, or corrupted system files. When the system encounters this error, it fails to handle the exception gracefully, resulting in a system crash and the display of the BSOD.

Causes of the System Thread Exception Not Handled Error

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of the “System Thread Exception Not Handled” error:

  1. Incompatible or Faulty Drivers: Outdated, incompatible, or faulty device drivers are a common cause of this error. When a driver encounters an unhandled exception, it can trigger the BSOD and result in the “System Thread Exception Not Handled” error.
  2. Hardware Issues: Hardware components such as faulty RAM modules, a failing hard drive, or overheating CPU can lead to system instability and trigger this error.
  3. Corrupted System Files: Corruption in critical system files or the Windows registry can disrupt the normal operation of the operating system and lead to the occurrence of the error.
  4. Software Conflicts: Conflicts between third-party software applications or incompatible software installations can cause system instability and result in the “System Thread Exception Not Handled” error.

System Thread Exception Not Handled Error: How to Fix the Problem

System Thread Exception Not Handled: will be fixed by following these instructions.

1. Dilemmatic Drivers

You’ll be able to replace the offending driver with one that Windows cannot locate if you see a document name in parenthesis next to System Thread Exception Not Handled, such atihjmdag or nvlddsdkm.sys.

Step 1: Attach the “Windows Recovery Drive or System Repair Disc” first, then select the appropriate vocabulary and press “Next.” The second step is to select “Repair” from the drop-down option on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: From the “Advanced Option” option, select “Troubleshoot.” Press “Command Prompt” to start it. As stated in Step, provide the following instructions in the correct order.



In order to exit and restart your computer, press the “Exit” and “Restart” buttons simultaneously on your keyboard.

2. Immobilize Hardware Acceleration

Step 1: Open “Google Chrome” and go to the “Settings” section.Go to the System section under “Show Advanced Settings.

Step 2. Uncheck “Use Hardware Acceleration When Needed,” and you’re done! Apply the changes by “restarting” the machine.

If none of the preceding options for addressing the Windows 10 System Thread Exception Not Handled problem have worked, this is an unusual path to take.

3. Uninstalling The Faulty Driver

Step 1: The first step is to run “Command Prompt” as previously instructed. Second, type bcdedit/set default bootmenupolicy legacy in the command line and press enter.

Step 2: Activate “legacy advanced boot” by pressing the enter key. Restart the system after typing “Exit” into the command line. Press the “F8” key repeatedly to open the “Advanced Boot Options” panel. In the “Safe Mode” menu, select “Resume.”

Step 3: To open “Device Managers,” type “devmgmt.msc” into the Run panel. Remove the device’s drivers by selecting “Uninstall Drivers” in Step.

Step 4: For example, we’ll continue to use Nvidia screen adapters in this step. As a result, navigate to “Display Adapter,” then “NVIDIA,” and then “Uninstall.” ValidEdge can help if you’re having issues with the DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL problem.

Step 5: Click “OK” to complete the uninstallation. It’s time to “restart” your computer now that you have updated it with the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. Windows 10 NVIDIA Driver Crashing Error can be fixed using this method.

4. Restoring Your PC to a Prior Moment

The “System Thread Exception Not Handled” problem can be avoided if you have an up-to-date backup of your computer. There are two ways to do this: a Windows system recovery CD or a restoration disc

Step 1: Connect your “Windows Installation Media” or “Recovery Drive” and select your preferred language as the first step in the installation process

Step 2: Press the “Repair” button at the bottom of the screen. Next, select “Advanced Option” from the “Troubleshoot” menu that appears.

Step 3: Restore your computer by selecting “System Restore” and following the on-screen instructions.

Restart your computer at this point to effect the changes and get rid of the error message “System Thread Exception Not Handled.” Windows 10 Random Restart and Sluggish Shutdown Errors can also be fixed with this method.

CONSIDER: This method is not as effective as the others, but it can be useful if none of the others are working.

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