P. Bacon Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Bacon, now 18 years old, attended Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, Maryland, and graduated in 2020. He is a student at the University of Wisconsin. She joins fellow Stone Ridge High School alum Katie Ledecky as a member of Team USA at the Olympics.

Bacon’s parents and three siblings will be rooting for her in Tokyo from their home in Montgomery County, despite being prohibited from attending the Olympics themselves.”

P. Bacon Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

From a Young Age on, Phoebe Bacon Admired Ledecky.

Who knows, maybe there was something in the water at Bethesda, Maryland’s Little Flower, the Catholic elementary school where Phoebe Bacon formerly studied. Bacon had Ledecky as a “Big Buddy” while they were both in fourth grade.

The majority of the U.S. swimming team at these Olympics is comprised of teens, but Philippa Bacon is at ease knowing that her daughter, Phoebe Bacon, and her colleagues can look up to a senior swimmer like Ledecky.

While Ledecky went to Stanford and Bacon went to Yale, the two nevertheless share a number of striking similarities. Yuri Suguiyama, who trained Ledecky at the Nation’s Capital Swim Club, is now Bacon’s coach at the University of Wisconsin. During the period that Ledecky was working with Suguiyama, the two were together at the 2012 Olympics in London, where Ledecky earned her first Olympic gold medal.

Philippa Bacon Stocks Up on Their “Favorites” Before Her Daughters Come Back

On Thursday at 7:09 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, Phoebe Bacon will compete in heat 2 of the women’s 200-meter backstroke preliminary competition. If Bacon does well, she will move on to Thursday night’s (10:35 PM EST) semifinals.

On Friday night at 9:37 p.m. EDT, the winners of the 200-meter backstroke heats will be determined. Bacon requires a top eight finish in order to advance to the final four.

Last Words

Philippa Bacon has planned to have her daughter’s favourite foods on hand for when she returns to the United States. Also, Phoebe Bacon’s younger brother has been residing in her room while she’s been away, and her sister-in-law, Philippa Bacon, has promised to clean things up once she returns.