How to Fix Netflix Site Error

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service and is available in almost all countries in the world. It allows the registered users to watch movies and TV shows without any ads on their devices. Many people lean on Netflix for a fun break time. However, there are few times when you get interrupted with errors like “Netflix Site Error” with “We are unable to process your request”. This glitch can occur due to many instances. It could either be your internet connection issue or the browser failing to support the application. This error is temporary and can be fixed with easy and simple solutions which will be listed in this article.

How to Fix Netflix Site Error

The Netflix site error can be an issue from the client-side or it can be a server issue too. If it is a server issue, then it will be corrected soon enough. High storage by cache data can cause a problem too. Hence, this site error can be fixed by clearing the browser cache and cookies. It is also been noticed that in many cases, browser compatibility plays a huge role in this error. Using another browser to access Netflix can also fix this error. And a simple modem restart might fix the Netflix Site Error.

What causes the Netflix Site Error?

This error usually shows up on the Browse page of Netflix. The problem might lie with the browser compatibility. The error might also be because of add-ons installed in the browser like ad-blocker, video downloader, etc. Cache data and cookies are another cause of Netflix site error. Moreover, there might be some problems with your network or internet connection too. A few of the causes of Netflix site error are mentioned below:

  • Temporary issues with the server: The Netflix server might be down and it could cause the error to flash in your Netflix browse page. It is advisable to wait for few minutes to solve this issue.
  • Network Connectivity: Another cause could be your connectivity of the network. Hence, you have to close and restart your home network. Then, reopen your Netflix.
  • Browser cache, cookies, and history data: Whenever we visit a website, our browser saves temporary files from it. The sites also use cookies which also get stored by your browser to save your information. They take up a lot of your space if it is not cleared occasionally. Eventually, it causes Netflix site error.
  • Incompatible Browser: Some browsers are not compatible with Netflix. Hence, it is required to change your browser into a better one.
  • Browser add-ons like ad-blocker, video downloader, etc: These extra add-ons can also hinder Netflix.

These are some of the causes of Netflix site error display messages on the screen. To fix this issue, follow the solutions listed below.

Solution 1: Sign in using a Different Device

When the error occurs, the very first thing you can do is to use another device to check if you are able to browse Netflix without the error message on a different phone. If there is no problem with the other Smartphone then that means the previous device you were using was causing the issue. It could be that your device’s software was outdated or high cache and cookies usage that takes up your storage caused your phone to get slower. These can be a reason as to why the Netflix site error occurred.

Solution 2: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If using a different device was successful in using Netflix without the error then clearing the cache, history, and web cookies might help you fix the issue.

Google Chrome:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear the cache and cookies in Google Chrome.

Step 1: First, open your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Look at the top right, click on the icon that has 3 dots (More icon).

Step 3: Now, hover your cursor on the More tools and when the sub-window appears, click Clear browsing data.

Step 4: There are options for you to select a particular time range. We recommend clicking on All time to clear all the cookies and cache from the very beginning.

Step 5: Then, click on the boxes to tick whether you want browsing data removed too along with cache and cookies.

Step 6: Finally, click on Clear Data.

Step 7: Now, restart your browser and check if the issue is resolved.

There is also a shortcut that directly takes you the Step 4 of the above solution. Press Ctrl + Shift + Del and follow the solution from Step 4.

Mozilla Firefox:

To clear the cookies and cache in Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Firstly, open Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: Look at the top right and now click on the More icon which looks like three parallel lines.

Step 3: Now, browse to Library > History, then click Clear Recent History.

Step 4: Make sure you have ticked the Cookies and Cache boxes. You can un-tick your browsing history option if you wish to keep it stored.

Step 5: Click on the Clear Now button.

Step 6: Finally, restart your browser and check if the error has been resolved.

Solution 3: Use Compatible Browsers

To use Netflix, we need to access it using a compatible browser. If you possess a browser that is incompatible with Netflix, you will face the Netflix site error in your Browse page of the application. To fix this problem, you can visit this official page: which includes a list of Netflix compatible browsers. Now, you can download the browsers accordingly.

Solution 4: Restart your Modem

If the issue is still persistent even after trying all the steps mentioned above, then it is advisable to restart your modem. Before following the steps, turn off your computer. Now, follow the steps.

Step 1: First, disconnect your system from the network.

Step 2: Now, unplug your system’s Ethernet cable and restart your modem.

Step 3: Check if your internet light is turned on again. If yes, then insert the Ethernet cable again.

Step 4: Turn on your computer again and check if the issue is resolved.

If the issue is still not fixed, we suggest you change to a faster network than your current one.

After following the above-mentioned solutions, we can safely wrap up with the fact that these are the perfect techniques to fix the Netflix Site Error. And it’s guaranteed that the problem will definitely get fixed. If not, try contacting Netflix officially on their Help Centre page. They will get back to you with their solutions. We hope the article was useful to you.