M. Steffens Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

With the United States women’s water polo team’s 14–5 victory over Spain in Tokyo, Olympian Maggie Steffens became the first woman to win three gold medals in the sport. Maggie, now 28 years old, is a seasoned pro on the international stage, having participated in the team’s three consecutive gold medal victories in London, Rio, and Rio.

M. Steffens Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Even if her loved ones weren’t able to join her in Japan for the Olympic Games, they know what it’s like to be spectators (and her sister even knows what it’s like to be an Olympian).

M. Steffens Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Jessica Steffens, Maggie’s older sister, also played water polo for the United States at the 2012 Olympics, which were held in London. Additionally, Jessica, now 34 years old, won silver with the team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

She interpreted that as a challenge. By the following summer, she was competing with Jessica on the women’s national team. As Maggie reflected, “There is no way I would be here in this room if I didn’t have her to show me what I could do, if I didn’t have her to pave that path really, as an older sister, and show me the values it takes, show me not just the physical attributes, but the character you need to get to this Olympic stage.”

Maggie Described Jessica

Maggie described Jessica as “another parent” who helped her with water polo and life in general “We share a Stanford connection because we both attended that prestigious university. Both she and I have advanced degrees from prestigious universities. She joined me at the Olympics, and I joined her.”

And Jessica kept directing her, even long distance, sending Maggie encouraging notes to read while she was competing in the Olympics in Japan. In one, Jessica’s daughter Kara was featured alongside encouraging words.

Last Words

Maggie claimed that she read one of the letters “before every game.”

“She has an uncanny knack for anticipating my emotional needs during tense times. She has a keen sense of both how to push me to grow and how to encourage me when I need it “Maggie elucidated the meaning behind the phrase. “At times, it helps to have someone say, “Hey, you’ve done this, you’ve prepared. You’re all set; have fun now that we’re here to back you up.

In spite of everything, know that you have our undying affection. It’s something we’re experiencing alongside you. It was encouraging to see the message, “Your team is with you;” it felt good to know that others were rooting for me.”