K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

TOKYO — At age 22, Yuto Horigome earned the first-ever Olympic Gold medal for skateboarding in the area where he grew up skateboarding.

K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Horigome soared over ramps and rails with ease and flipped his skateboard effortlessly in the air during the street skate competition. For his fourth trick in the championship, he did a “nollie 270 noseslide,” a notoriously difficult manoeuvre. Right after he launched, he nosedived down the rail on his board.

K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Despite his current residence in Los Angeles, Horigome won his medal in a place where skateboarding is still seen as a subversive pastime. A common sight in Tokyo are “No Skateboarding” signs.

Horigome informed reporters that he become an Olympic champion by training in public spaces like parks and streets.

The silver medalist was the Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler. “I’ve been stopped previously for skateboarding in public, but now it’s going to be more mellow,” he remarked later. “Yeah, man, I feel privileged to skate among the finest.” I certainly hope so.” Hoefler revealed that his father served in law enforcement. He reminisced, “Back in the day when I was jumping into school yards, my papa was with me, and it was fun.”

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Arizonan Jagger Eaton, who hails from Mesa, was “beyond ecstatic” to take home bronze. “When I was recording my street park the last time I got stopped for skating, the cops showed up. People here are generally nice, but we was ejected out for no good reason “And he went on to say.

“Skateboarding is more than just a sport; it’s also an art form, and you have to appreciate that. An opportunity to express oneself creatively. While this is how we view things, we recognise that many others do not.” Thanks for reading our article K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.