J. Oliver Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Javianne Oliver is carrying the momentum and spirit of Tokyo 2020 with her. In the women’s 4×100 metre relay, she finished in second place and brought home the silver medal. She can’t stop thinking about the Olympics.

‘I just feel like it never really died down,’ the sprinter remarked.

She remarked, “I look at the images again and again, from the trials all the way through Tokyo, and I feel the same incredulity.”.


J. Oliver Olympic Games

The former University of Louisiana at Monroe student is now focused on other endeavours. She is training hard for the World Championships in track and field.

It’s not the Olympics, she remarked. And we still consider it a major track meet.

In an interview, Oliver explained that she is participating in the competition as part of her preparation to participate in the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

“I’m putting in a lot of hours,” she vowed. Every day I set out to achieve a new objective.

She claims that thinking about Monroe, Georgia, where she grew up, keeps her motivated throughout training.

‘Some days I go back and look at images of when my hometown gathered together in a pub and it really helps,’ she said. Says it all: “This is why I do it for; it reminds me of that.”

She attributes her motivation to continue working hard to her interest in the Winter Olympics. She found inspiration in the Beijing Olympians’ determination to realise their Olympic aspirations.

“Just to see them workout, and many of them used to run track,” she explained. What struck me most about hearing that was, “wow, that’s remarkable that you can go from one sport to a completely different one.”

Last Words

She noted that the Olympic experiences and accomplishments are only achievable in the times that aren’t always shown on TV.

They do a lot more work off the track, she said, making what happens on the track seem insignificant. “Right now, I’m simply in the grind phase.”