12 Best Alternative To ‘GoGoAnime’

Otaku and anime culture surprisingly peaked significantly in the recent two decades. Getting accessibility is one of the prime reasons for the same. This new trend and internet culture is a lethal combination. Both fit like a glove to hand.

Another reason for an online stream of Otaku and Anime is because in many nations broadcasters do not show this content which is why people go online to satisfy their cravings for animes. GoGoAnime is a great platform for the online streaming of anime content for zero charges.

On this platform, users can watch dubbed and subbed anime movies as well as series in high definition video quality. Users do not have to sign up in order to watch their favorite anime shows on GoGoAnime. Anime genres that are available on GoGoAnime include fantasy, action, comedy, music, ids, horror, drama, adventure, and many more.


This website also allows its users to download any number of episodes from their favorite shows. And although the website offers a great variety of HD and SD anime which is post synchronized and synchronized, their design of the site has a scope to improve.

Nonetheless, the site is very useful. Unfortunately, the bad news is that it is blocked in most nations. But do not worry as this does not mean that you cannot enjoy your favorite anime series anymore. There are many better sites that are available for streaming anime online. In this article, we have enlisted the top 15 websites like GoGoAnime that you can definitely try for your anime cravings.

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12 Best Sites Like GoGoAnime

Here is our list of top GoGoAnime alternatives that can come in handy anytime you wish to get entertained. All the options are worth a try. You can select the one that works best according to your geographical location and favorite shows. Let’s have a look!

1 – AnimeHeaven

Anime Heaven is not an easily accessible website but once it loads the entertainment session is going to blow your mind. The website design is in red and black color which is quite different from most of the websites. It not only makes the site look clean but also is also quite eye-catchy.

The site has a very friendly user interface that includes slides that display all the top latest anime shows. The site’s home page looks somewhat like a calendar where they display newly added animes from time to time.

It is very obvious that the designer has paid a lot of attention to the details of the website. Moreover, the site also provides a dark mode for users who prefer it.

2 – AnimeFreak

There are numerous reasons as to why Anime Freak is so high up on our list. Anime Freak is entitled as one of the best alternatives of GoGoAnime. Just like many other online anime streaming sites, it has a massive database of high-quality anime movies and shows.

The cherry on top is that it’s free of cost. Users can find their favorite shows by going through their neatly organized categories. The website’s easy design and navigability make it a great place to binge watch. All these factors are the reason behind millions of visitors that the site host on daily basis.

Furthermore, the site is also supported in iOS as well as Android devices. This allows its audience to enjoy their favorite content on their smartphones. Anime Freak is a great site, give it a try this definitely has the potential to become your favorite entertainment destination.

3 – 9Anime

The greatest thing about this GoGoAnime alternative site is its design and quality. When it comes to simplicity, navigability, and color palette, the site has pushed its competitor websites out of the tub.

9Anime provides a synchronized subclass entertainment content that can be streamed in high definition video quality. Another great thing about this website is zero ads. Yes, you read that right. Moreover, users can browse through the content genre-wise with ease.

The site also provides all the latest episodes of shows they offer. Not only that, the website also notifies it’s visitors regarding all the newly available episodes of the shows they enjoyed on their platform. The website resembles a lot with a television guide. It is safe to say that it is a great site to stream online.

4 – AnimePlanet

As you must be aware, most online streaming websites are illegal. In case you are in search of a legit website to stream legal anime content, Anime-Planet is the place for you. The site offers more than 45,000 anime shows and movies that are absolutely free to stream.

The site also asks for registration but it is completely optional. If you are someone who likes interacting online you can register for free on this site and give your suggestions for new shows.

Not only that, but it also allows fellow visitors to communicate and talk about their favorite shows and movies and give each other suggestions. Moreover, users can share their scores for particular anime series.

5 – KissAnime

KissAnime is a well-reputed website. It is most popular for the online streaming of anime content. In comparison with its competitor websites, it possesses a colossal database of anime content. The site provides downloading of anime show episodes in varying video quality and resolutions.

The users can stream movies in up to 1080p. Moreover, KissAnime has a very simple user interface and easy-to-navigate design. You can find animes of comedy, adventure, horror, action, and romance genres.

6 – Crunchyroll

If you’re pinning over Anime-Planet for the sole reason of it being legal then you should consider giving Crunchyroll a try. It is an America-based distributor, licensing, and publishing company that has specialized in continuous anime content.

Crunchyroll offers a giant library of legal anime content for online streaming. The site benefits from its worldwide family of 45+ million visitors who are registered on their platform along with around 2 million subscribers.

Although their services are absolutely free of cost. But you can also get their subscription to stream shows without ad breaks along with access to the most latest shows. Their subscription costs $6.95 per month and can be canceled any time you want. If Anime-Planet didn’t work well for you Crunchyroll is our recommendation for you.

7 – ChiaAnime

While all the options on this list offer free online streaming of anime, Chia-Anime offers a free download of shows and you can also play manga, watch Asian dramas and listen to anime soundtracks.

The site also provides a mobile website for its visitors who wish to stream on their smartphones. The only downside to this site is its ads which are quite intrusive. If you do not have an ad blocker installed on your system we suggest you avoid this website for your safety. On this website, users can enjoy animated cartoons free of cost.

8 – AnimeUltima

In case you’re searching for a platform where you can connect with other anime lovers and stream anime shows and movies then look no further. AnimeUltima is the ultimate choice for you. AnimeUltima has its thriving community where its visitors can interact by chatting and sharing views and cartoons.

When it comes to online streaming, the website allows its audience to explore their database based on year, genre, and type. Moreover, you can also see active animation on this platform.

9 – AnimeShow

It is a fairly great site for binge watching anime shows. But the UI design of the site is somewhat tight on users’ computer screens. It is evident that the designer built it with portable devices. But although the navigation bar of AnimeShow is less functional as compared to those of other websites on our list, nonetheless it’s still usable.

10 – AnimeLand

The reason why AnimeLand is on our list is that it supports multiple languages on its platform. The website also allows its users to filter its content alphabetically through which one can navigate with ease. The website also provides HD quality pictures in terms of dubbed subtitles.

It is safe to say that the quality provided by AnimeLand is far better than that of GoGoAnime. The only con to this site is that it is somewhat slower than other online streaming sites.

11 – AnimePahe

This is one of the star sites of the anime world. It is a mobile-friendly website that is quite similar to Chia-Anime. On their website, you will experience excellent navigation along with a lot of other features. You can also filter, search and choose shows that you enjoy. Moreover, they also offer a great chat service where users can communicate.

12 – Aniwatcher

This website offers a huge database of hit anime content. Aniwatcher provides subbed as well as dubbed content on their platform. The developers of the site work constantly to improve the site to provide the best possible anime streaming experience.

On the website’s home page you will see the most trendy animes along with some information on them for new users. The site also offers categories such as random series, recommended, ongoing shows, movies and newly added. Users don’t have to get registered in order to take advantage of these services. The website is particularly popular in nations such as Germany, UK, and the US.

Details About the GoGoAnime Website:

History and Growth of GoGoAnime:

GoGoAnime started as a modest website catering to a niche audience of anime fans. Over the years, it has grown into one of the most popular anime streaming sites worldwide.

This section will explore the platform’s evolution, including key milestones in its development, how it has adapted to changing viewer preferences, and its current standing in the world of online anime streaming. The growth story of GoGoAnime highlights the increasing popularity of anime and the digital transformation of entertainment consumption.

GoGoAnime Features and User Interface:

GoGoAnime stands out for its user-friendly interface and a wide array of features. The platform offers high-quality streaming, an extensive and diverse catalog of anime titles, and features like episode tracking and community forums.

This part of the article will delve into the specifics of GoGoAnime’s features, discussing how they contribute to a seamless viewing experience and how the platform compares with other streaming services in terms of functionality and user engagement.

GoGoAnime Content Library and Accessibility:

GoGoAnime boasts a vast library of anime titles, ranging from classic series to the latest releases, across various genres. This section will examine the depth and variety of content available on GoGoAnime, the frequency of content updates, and efforts to cater to different viewer preferences.

Additionally, the accessibility of GoGoAnime across different devices and platforms will be discussed, highlighting how the platform ensures a convenient and flexible viewing experience for users worldwide.

GoGoAnime Legal and Safety Considerations:

The legality and safety of streaming platforms like GoGoAnime are crucial aspects for users to consider. This part of the article will discuss the legal standing of GoGoAnime, including copyright issues and compliance with international laws.

Moreover, it will cover the safety protocols GoGoAnime implements to protect user data and privacy, and provide tips for users to safely navigate and use the site.

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Watching animes can be pretty addictive and binge watching then becomes an ultimate craving for entertainment. This was our list of best GoGoAnime alternatives. All the sites mentioned above provide free online anime streaming. You can pick one (or more) as per your geographical location and content availability. Thank you for reading!