F. El-Bakh Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Fares El-Bakh, of Qatar, crushed the competition in the men’s 96-kilogram weight class at the Tokyo International Forum, setting a new Olympic record in the process (with a total of 402).

Keydomar Giovanni Vallenilla Sanchez of Venezuela finished second, earning silver (387). Anton Pliesnoi of Georgia was strong enough to win bronze.

F. El-Bakh Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

F. El-Bakh Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

El-Bakh, a Qatari, snatched 177 kg and then went into the clean and jerk, where he broke the Olympic record with a lift of 225 kilogrammes. This was the first of two Olympic records he set that evening; together with his gigantic total score of 402, no one else could have come close to him.

He went for a clean and jerk world record of 232 kilogrammes but fell short.

I’m in fantastic shape right now. We earned it by diligence and toil. After winning gold, El-Bakh said, “This feels better than it ever has before. ”

El-gold Bakh’s medal is not only an important personal milestone, but also Qatar’s first Olympic victory in any sport.

El-Bakh said, “I am literally speechless about that” after Qatar won its first Olympic gold. I pray they’re pleased with what I’ve accomplished. I assure you this is not the final instalment; in fact, much more is on the way. We promise to do everything in our power to improve it even further.

Silver went to Venezuela’s Vallenilla Sanchez, whose total weight for the evening was 387. Bronze went to Russia’s Pliesnoi, whose total weight for the evening was also 387. (the Venezuelan was ranked above Pliesnoi because he made his best clean and jerk lift earlier in the competition).

“I was ready to lift more but five days ago I damaged my knee and it was really agonising throughout the tournament,” said Vallenilla Sanchez, who won silver. It was impossible for me to foresee being able to lift. I switched off the feelings of anguish and started experiencing other feelings instead. I gave it my all.

Last words

Boady Santavy, a Canadian, snatched the most weight in a set of three attempts (178), but he was unable to replicate that performance in the clean and jerk and finished in fourth place, barely short of the podium.

On August 1st, the women’s 76kg weight class will compete in the next weightlifting event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.