How To Fix ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ in Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s ERR_CACHE_MISS issue is one of the most common. Users of Google Chrome may get this problem with the message ‘Confirm Form Resubmission’. Chrome’s settings, extensions, cache, and other components all have a chance of causing this particular error.

In most cases, this indicates that you must provide some kind of personal information to continue seeing the page. There are situations when re-entering previously entered data is necessary, otherwise the old one will be used. Your current browser may be to blame if you keep experiencing this issue.

Unusable or incorrectly set data may be stored in the cache, making it impossible to use. In the event that you’ve faced such a situation, you can use the following approaches to get to the bottom of it.


What is the ERR_CACHE_MISS Error?

The ERR_CACHE_MISS error typically appears in Google Chrome when users are trying to access web pages. This error message suggests that the browser is unable to retrieve web page information from the cache, a storage area where frequently accessed data is kept to speed up loading times.

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Causes of the ERR_CACHE_MISS Error in Chrome

Several factors can lead to the occurrence of the ERR_CACHE_MISS error in Chrome. Identifying these causes is the first step in troubleshooting the problem effectively.

  1. Browser Cache Issues: Problems with the cache, such as corruption or failure to retrieve cached data, are common causes.
  2. Network Connection Problems: Unstable or poor internet connections can interfere with data retrieval, resulting in this error.
  3. Browser Extensions and Add-ons: Certain extensions or add-ons may conflict with web pages, preventing proper loading.
  4. Faulty Browser Settings or Configurations: Incorrect or corrupted browser settings can disrupt normal operations, including cache retrieval.
  5. Developer Tools Settings: ERR_CACHE_MISS errors can occur during web development, often related to form resubmission settings in Chrome’s Developer Tools.

Methods For Google Chrome ERR_CACHE_MISS Fixing:

Take a look.

 1. Load It Up Again

Try reloading the page to fix the ERR_CACHE_MISS first and foremost. Minor issues may no longer be present if you restart the page. It is recommended that you use either the reload or F5 buttons to bring up a new page. This is the most popular and simplest way to correct the problem at hand.

2. Delete All Data from the Web Browser

Clearing your browser’s data if reloading the website doesn’t work is the next best option. Using this technique, expired cached pages can be removed and the problem fixed.

Clearing the history is as simple as pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del at the same time. Your preferred webpage should now be loading after this procedure. Proceed to the next solution if this doesn’t work

3. Remove or Disable a Web Browser Extension

Errors in extensions, as previously stated, can be the source of this situation. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll be able to:

Step 1: The first step is to tap on the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen ( three dots)

Step 2: Move your mouse cursor over more tools. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go to extensions.

Once you’ve done this, reload the page or restart chrome to see if the issue is fixed.

4. Using the Command Window to Reset the Network 

This error is the result of Network Settings being incorrectly configured. ERR_CACHE_MISS can be fixed in many circumstances by using one of the many available commands for renewing, releasing, etc. To do the following, you’ll need to open the Command Prompt window on your computer.

Step 1: Command Prompt is a search result if you type Cmd into the Windows search box. Run it as an administrator by right-clicking on it and choosing the

Step 2: In the second step, you’ll see a command prompt appear on your screen. Enter the following command lines at the command prompt:

release, renew, and flushdns are all commands in the ipconfig command line.

To finish, simply restart your computer or Windows after completing the tasks on this list.

5. Disabling Cache in a Web Browser

Disable your browser’s cache if you’re still having trouble after trying all of the other techniques listed above. In Chrome’s settings, use the F12 key. Open a popout menu by clicking the cogwheel in the upper-right corner. Disable the cache by going to Preferences > Advanced > Cache Management.

If you can get rid of the mistake using this way, that’s great, but if you can’t, then using dev tools is the best alternative.

6. Use DevTools

A development tool can be used to disable cache and fix this problem. In order to accomplish this, you must:

Step 1: The first step is to open Google Chrome and press Ctrl+Shift+I to activate the keyboard shortcut. After then, hit the F1 key on your keyboard.

Step 2: The second step is to disable the cache in the network section by scrolling down. Resetting the browser’s settings is the seventh method.

Some Easy Methods to Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS Error in Chrome Easily:

There are several effective methods to resolve the ERR_CACHE_MISS error. These solutions range from simple fixes to more advanced troubleshooting steps.

1. Refresh the Web Page

  • Sometimes, simply reloading the web page can resolve the issue. Press F5 or click the reload button in Chrome.

2. Clear Browser Cache and Data

  • Clearing Chrome’s cache and browsing data can resolve issues related to corrupted cache files. Go to Chrome Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear browsing data.

3. Disable Browser Extensions

  • Disable extensions in Chrome to identify if any are causing the error. Access this option via Chrome Settings > Extensions.

4. Reset Browser Settings

  • Resetting Chrome to its default settings can fix issues caused by incorrect configurations. Go to Chrome Settings > Advanced > Reset settings.

5. Update Google Chrome

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of Chrome, as updates often include fixes for common errors.

6. Use Chrome’s Developer Tools

  • For developers encountering this issue, adjusting settings in Chrome’s Developer Tools may help. Disable cache when the DevTools is open under the Network tab.

7. Check Network Connection

  • Verify that your internet connection is stable. Connectivity issues can often lead to caching errors.

8. Disable Antivirus or Firewall Temporarily

  • Sometimes, these security programs can interfere with browser operations. Temporarily disable them to see if this resolves the issue.

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This is where you’re going to find the solution to your ERR_CACHE_MISS error. There is no need to panic because this issue is rather common. Please be assured that there is no software required to fix the problem. You’ve got nothing to lose by getting started now. Get to know your computer inside and out!