10 Best Free ‘Discord Voice Changers’

Let me start with What is a Discord as there may some people who don’t know about it. So, Discord is an application which is used for communication via text and voice for a free of cost. It is specially designed for gamers.

It also provides a group communication which lets you to communicate with the players you are playing with. It offers you many servers which makes it possible to communicate while gaming. Communication via Discord application is not bounded with only gaming, it has many other servers also.

10 Best Free Discord Voice Changers

In this article, we have provided you with all the informations regarding the best discord changer. In these voice changers you can record your own voice in the gaming session. We have listed the Discords from the best to good enough.

Discord Voice Changers

All of the mentioned discords are good to change your voice. All of them have some of the pros and cons. We have made this list on the basis of opinion. So, what are you waiting for let’s go through the article to find a best free discord voice changer which you found suitable for yourself.

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1. Clownfish

Clownfish is the best voice changer for discord which is provided for free of cost that’s why we have listed it on number one. It is compatible with Viber, Skype and Discord and have 13 number of voices. It is simply usable and is a little bit basic. This is an unsophisticated tool of voice changer for discord.

It can be much better if some more voices and features are added in it but this is not such a big issue.

Pros of Clownfish

  1. It is an open service and there is no need to take any subscription or to sign-in.
  2. Compatible with every version of Windows.
  3. Easy and fast to use.

Cons of Clownfish

  1. There is only custom pitch voice effect available.
  2. Difficulty may arise in some voices to understand the accent.
  3. Female voice changer is available in a very limited amount.

2. MorphVOX

Provided with many features, built in sound and some more effects. Most finest discord voice changer. It can be the number one but it provides some functions only to paid subscribers.

Paid version is better in comparison to free version. Compatible with Discord, Twitch, Skype, Steam, Open Broadcaster and 7 voices.

Pros of MorphVOX

  1. Takes the use of less bandwidth and the power of CPU.
  2. Better sound effects.
  3. Provided with shortcuts to make it easier to use.

Cons of MorphVOX

  1. Subscription pack (in case of paid version) is so much expensive.
  2. Interface is too weired.
  3. Installation process is a little but unintuitive.

3 .VoiceMod

It provides a better facility of voice changing. It can change the voice for both in real time and for the recordings. We would listed it as number one of the article was dependent on voice changer for discord. It is compatible with VRChat, Discord, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Skype & CSGO and have 42 voices.

Pros of VoiceMod

  1. The voice produced by you will have an outstanding sound.
  2. Better design and easily installable.
  3. Flexible to use.

Cons of VoiceMod

  1. Free version is not provided with much features in comparison to paid version.
  2. Its application and websites have a lot of written mistakes.
  3. Paid version will not show you until you download it.

4. Voxal Voice Changer

This is the best discord voice changer but has some annoying flaws. Installation is easier and overall easy to use. Free version has limited features in comparison to paid version as many voice features are locked in free version.

Compatible with CSGO, many Steam games, Discord, Skype, Team Speak and have 18 voices.

Pros of Voxal Voice Changer

  1. Makes a less use of CPU.
  2. Interface is simple and understandable.
  3. Can add effects in both love and recorded voices.

Cons of Voxal Voice Changer

  1. Incompatible with steam games.
  2. Ad-free installation in free version is not that much easy.
  3. There are some voices whose sounds are too similar.

5. Discord Voice Changer

A free service which is easier to use with a nice and good looking interface if you don’t choose any poor font. Although you can’t find this tool easily and specially when you are looking for a non-Android version because this tool is not its personal website.

That’s why there are some websites which holds it and therefore it is tricky to find it. Compatible with Discord and have 19 voices.

Pros of Discord Voice Changer

  1. Easily connectable.
  2. You can easily pick any sound.
  3. Takes a very less use of CPU.

Pros of Discord Voice Changer

  1. Tricky to install it.
  2. Finding a reliable version is very tricky.
  3. The developer is no more engaged in business.

6. Super Voice Changer

This tool is very lightweight and it also takes a very less use of CPU power. It provides only three voices and is compatible with Discord, Skype, WhatsApp and Video Platform and it have no paid version. Finding its settings is very tricky and you will have to search a lot for choosing your voice and then you can save it for the next time.

Pros of Super Voice Changer

  1. Permits a deep customization.
  2. You can save the settings for next time.
  3. It loads very fast and it doesn’t takes more power from CPU.

Cons of Super Voice Changer

  1. The installation is very tricky.
  2. Help section must improve.
  3. Its difficult to find out the functions of some features.

7. Audio for Fun

It provides much advanced features but it mostly focuses on Skype that’s why it is listed below. Using a free version of this voice changer is a little bit tricky and it provides an intuitive interface. It is compatible with Skype, Discord, Twitch, Steam and have 7 voices. It also provides a paid version.

Pros of Audio for Fun

  1. It provides a pretty much advanced features.
  2. Free trials and paid trials are provided to increase its flexibility.
  3. Settings are customizable so that to provide you a better quality.

Cons of Audio for Fun

  1. Paid version has an unfair three subscription plan.
  2. Most of the functions is not usable for Discord users.
  3. Must provide a better help section.

8. RoboVox Voice Changer

RoboVox is a good voice changer which can change voice for both live and recorded voice. It provides less features to free version in comparison to the paid one. Before downloading, make sure that you are downloading it from the genuine site as many websites provides malicious download.

It is compatible with Discord, may create static sounds when used with other chat software and have 32 voices.

Pros of RoboVox Voice Changer

  1. Contains a parrot features which repeats things and seems funny.
  2. Can save creations and send to others.
  3. 32 options of voice.

Cons of RoboVox Voice Changer

  1. Interface looks outdated.
  2. An unfair in-app purchase.
  3. Free voices are available in limit.

9. Voice Changer with Effects

This is good voice changer tool but it is listed below because its working with discord is very difficult. It is specially designed for smartphones and that’s why interface in desktop is quite clunky. Compatible with most type of voice chats and have 40 voice options and provides a paid version.

Pros of Voice Changer with Effects

  1. 40 voice options are available.
  2. You can save sand share recordings
  3. Easy to understand how it works.

Cons of Voice Changer with Effects

  1. A little bit lag while changing the voice.
  2. Will ask to access your memory card.
  3. Linking with Discord it quite tough.

10. Voice Changer

This tool can be in a little but too list if it hasn’t clearly mentioned how to use it with discord as it has mentioned in the guide you will need to use microphone to use this tool. It is compatible with most types of voice chats, have 50 voice options and have no paid version.

Pros of Voice changer

  1. Some sounds of voice are very funny.
  2. A lot of users have received it as good voice changer for discord.
  3. Permits you to use the voice for commercial purpose.

Cons of Voice Changer

  1. Working with discord is a little bit tricky.
  2. Some voice are not possible to understand them.
  3. In WTF voice your words will just get jumbled.

Details About the Discord Voice Changers:

Understanding Discord Voice Changers:

Voice changers for Discord are third-party applications that integrate with the Discord platform to alter a user’s voice. This section will explain the technology behind voice changers, how they work in real-time, and the various voice effects they offer, such as pitch adjustment, echo effects, and more.

It will also discuss the compatibility of these voice changers with different operating systems and the ease of integrating them with Discord.

Benefits of Using Voice Changers on Discord:

Voice changers are not just about fun and games; they have practical benefits too. They can enhance privacy and security by masking a user’s real voice, add a creative touch to gaming and role-playing, and even serve as a tool for content creation.

This part of the article will delve into the myriad ways voice changers can enhance the Discord experience, discussing their role in creating engaging and secure online environments.

Popular Discord Voice Changer Applications:

There are several voice changer applications available that are compatible with Discord. This section will provide an overview of some of the most popular ones, such as Voicemod, Clownfish Voice Changer, and MorphVOX.

It will cover their key features, usability, and the unique voice effects they offer, helping users decide which voice changer might be best suited for their needs.

Discord Voice Changers Safety and Ethical Considerations:

While voice changers add a layer of fun to online conversations, it’s important to address the safety and ethical considerations associated with their use.

This part of the article will discuss the importance of using voice changers responsibly, avoiding impersonation or deceptive practices, and adhering to community guidelines on Discord. It will also touch on privacy concerns and the steps users can take to ensure their safety while using these tools.

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In this article we have provided you top ten voice changer for Discord with their Pros and cons and some important information regarding them. We also have explained a paragraph on what is a discord so that some people don’t know about it can understand easily. We hope you will found this article informative.