D. Alves Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

As the Brazil football squad took off for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Dani Alves announced over the intercom, “The exits are here, here, here, and here.” A Typical Day For Dani Alves, just being Dani Alves.

The 38-year-old Brazilian captain and leader is enjoying his newfound prominence with the team so much that he has even taken over the airplane’s pre-flight announcements.

D. Alves Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

‘Don’t let life pass you by; each and every minute is precious,’ he urged followers on Instagram. Live in the here and now. You get to decide what kind of energy you’ll put out into the world, so either choose to be joyful or not.

You’re responsible for both your decision and its outcomes. Is there anything Dani Alves can’t do? He’s a footballer, a philosopher, and a pilot.

D. Alves Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Even without Neymar, Brazil should be entertaining to watch thanks to Alves and a slew of talented young players like Gabriel Menino, Reinier, Malcom, Richarlison, Paulinho, and Matheus Cunha.

There are no players older than 24 on the roster, while Dani Alves is one of the three “overage” players permitted per squad.

Despite being one of the most successful footballers ever, with 52 titles to his name, his love of the game and hunger for more honours remain unabated.

Being called up to represent my nation and with the burden of defending an Olympic title is unfathomable,” he wrote on his social media account after learning he had made the Brazil squad.

Brazil’s Olympic team for Tokyo in 2020

Brenno, Lucao, and Santos are the goalkeepers.

In defence, we have Nino, Ricardo Graca, Guilherme Arana, Gabriel Menino, Dani Alves, Diego Carlos*, Abner Vinicius, and Bruno Fuchs.

Matheus Henrique, Bruno Guimaraes, Douglas Luiz, Claudinho, and Reinier all play in the midfield for their respective teams.

Paulinho, Richarlison, Matheus Cunha, Antony, and Malcom are the forwards for the team.

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