13 Best Alternatives To ‘CricHD’

Today in our digital world people are taking full advantage of their smartphones. This also includes streaming cricket and other such sports via live online streaming websites. Numerous websites are present that offer free live streaming of popular sports that are played all around the world.

Crichd.com is also a part of this list that includes all the best websites that are used all across the world for watching live free cricket. The website receives visits from millions of users every month from all across the globe.

These sports lovers visit this website in order to watch cricket and other such sports online. Users can easily make the most of its high quality live streaming for sports like football, tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, rugby, baseball, golf, volleyball and many more.


Through this website, people can also gain knowledge about cricket and other sports and their schedules, fixtures, rankings and stats.

Users can watch live matches of England, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand and Pakistan cricket teams. They can also enjoy T20 league such as PSL, IPL, BBL, NatWest, CPL and many more.

13 Best Alternatives to CricHD

So, today let’s discuss about 13 best platforms you can use as Alternatives to CricHD. Let’s have a look on them.

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1 – Hotstar

Hotstar is undoubtedly one of the top most reputed online streaming platforms. It provides secure and fast service for streaming videos online. Hotstar is owned by Novi digital entertainment. Hotstar provides online streaming of movies in various different languages, television content of over 100,000 hours and all major sports.

The hotstar team works day in and day out in order to make sure that the users are getting a perfect video experience on all sorts of devices and platforms. It doesn’t matter if you use a Wi-Fi connection or access internet via your mobile network, the non stop video streaming on hotstar will keep you entertained all day long.

This platform makes use of the latest online streaming technologies. This in turn offer a seamless video playback. Not only that, it provides best video quality possible to all its millions of users. Hotstar also allow its users to select the quality of their content by themselves.

This also helps if their internet speed is low. Starting from cricket to the movies and television programmes to any international news, it is a one stop destination for all.

2 – SonyLiv

Sony Liv is owned by the famous Sony Pictures Network. It is undoubtedly one of the leading online services for watching sports like cricket in the highest quality possible. Sony liv is based in India and it is a general entertainment platform that provides online streaming for all sorts of entertainment starting with sports to movies.

Using Sony liv, users can get HD quality live streaming of sports such as cricket, football, T20 cricket, fight sports, WWE, NBA, racing, and numerous more. Apart from that, this site also provides online streaming of TV shows and movies from all genres.

It also provides a very friendly UI to its audience and follows a strict design of protocol on its website. The content catalog of movies, sports and television shows on Sony LIV remains up to date with all the latest events and videos.

It doesn’t matter if you are in India or in any other nation of the world, this platform spends massive amount of money on delivering intimidating and knowledgeable content in order to continue a meaningful engagement with its millions of visitors.

3 – PTV Sports Live

PTV sports live or Pakistan Sports Live is supposedly the national sports channel of Pakistan which offers high quality live streaming of sports like cricket and others all across the world. It is the one stop destination for all sports lovers as it provides live online streaming of football, tennis, cricket, hockey, wrestling and numerous other sports.

Just like our first entry CricHD, this website has never disappointed any of its dedicated visitors from any part of the world. In the last few years, this website for free live online streaming has successfully leveled up to the expectation of its audience.

On their online channel users can enjoy watching live matches as well as previous famous matches along with additional sports analysis shows. Moreover, this platform offers fast streaming speed irrespective of your slow internet connection which is a great treat for cricket fans who live in remote areas with poor or fluctuating internet connections.

4 – Sky Sports

Another great online streaming platform is Sky Sports. Just like other entries on our list, it is included within the list of all the leading digital sports channels which are streamed all over the world. For several years, Sky Sports was considered the key player within the world of digital television.

Due to its wide range of offerings and choices it presented to its users, Sky Sports has been streamed by literally millions of people within a single month.

This platform provides live online streaming of all of the major events of cricket world as well as other sports. Sky Sports has never compromised on the high quality as well as speed of its content.

The website has a very simple navigation which allows its users to navigate to the right place in no time. Within sports, Sky Sports provides online streaming of live cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, racing, NFL, football, boxing, cycling, WWE, NBA and many other sports.

5 – Cricfree.sc

When it comes to live free online sports streaming websites and ensuring that you get best possible sports experience, there is no place better than cricfree.sc. The user interface of the site makes it extremely asthetic and attractive, especially to people who enjoy American football, baseball and golf enthusiasts.

The website provides a schedule on the show that offers you information on various upcoming matches. Unfortunately, some ads are present on the website but their quantity is quite less and they do not hinder your streaming experience.

6 – CrackStreams

It is an extremely easy to navigate website where visitors can find majority of sports events free of cost. The users can easily find links for watching NFL, NBA season, MMA, UFC tournaments as well as boxing matches on this particular site.

As we have mentioned earlier, navigation through its content and finding sports events that you wish to stream online for free is quite straightforward. But before clicking any link make sure you don’t forget the activation of a VPN for the security of your system and data stored on it.

7 – Myp2p.eu

In case you are living under a rock, Myp2p has transformed into an entertainment space and is no longer a blogging platform. If you happen to be a cricket or football fanatic, then you will find almost every single match to stream on this particular platform.

But don’t let the last statement make you think that rest of the sports are not available on the site. Whichever sports event you wish to stream online you can easily gain access to it on this particular site. The only issue with this platform is that on the website you are required to search a while for alternative matches.

8 – ReadStream.tv

Does a particular site provides its users access to live online streaming for basketball American football baseball and ice hockey along with some other Sports.

Once you are on ReadStream.tv, you can easily see that on their home page a list of all of the live online sports streaming events that are currently broadcasted is displayed. Moreover, there are links to certain specific sports within the top menu for easy access.

9 – Batmanstream.net

The list of best online free sports streaming sites is absolutely incomplete without this one entry. Batmanstream.net is mentioned along with all of the top names of online streaming sites for sports. This is because it is one platform that gets the highest number of visitors on a daily basis.

The reason behind the same is that the users can watch literally any sport that they want. Looks like we have a success formula right here. Visitors can also find specific leagues or competitions which is a great benefit to its users who happen to be football fans.

The only downside to an overall perfect online streaming platform is that some of the mirror links are unavailable to its users who live in certain restricted nations. Otherwise, there is nothing else that you can complain about.

We definitely recommend visiting this website without thinking twice the next time you wish to watch a live action from any sport of your liking.

10 – Stream2Watch

This website is very popular in the world of live online sports streaming websites because it consistently focused on basketball, hockey, football, baseball, soccer and tennis. Moreover, looking at the quality and quantity of the online streaming content present on the site, it is very difficult to believe that the content is completely legal.

However, the video quality is high for its live sports streaming which the visitors can access free of cost. Unfortunately, ads present on the site are very invasive. But it is a very low price to pay for watching free online sports.

11 – VIPBox

The site has been around for good five years. And the only way for any such free online sports streaming website to continue to stay in business for that long and also attract new audience every single month is by offering active stream links to all the major sports events from all across the world to all across the world.

This site support 7 languages and provide links for events and sports from all across the globe.  But the best part of this platform is that the users can easily search for any particular match using their search bar and gain info about it in one simple step.

The site design and the maximum uptime has made it a platform worthy of your time. Although MLB fans won’t find it much attractive. Moreover, URL of the site also keep changing which makes it difficult to visit it regularly.

12 – WatchSportOnline

This platform offers content in only high definition quality which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your internet connection. The site is very simple to navigate through since the UI is quite intuitive. Within the top bar users can find a Live button that provides direct access to any live sports events that are available at that particular time.

Alternatively, the visitors can also search for their favourite sports events in order to find them here. This site provides access to high definition streaming for literally any kind of sport that you like. The only thing that can cause an issue here is that the site requires you to sign up on their platform.

13 – Bosscast

This particular platform is somewhat different as compared to the other platforms on our list. And even though it provides great quality and quantity of life sports to stream online, it does not offer a menu where users can easily navigate to their favourite sports section.

On the site’s home page users can see a list of their current live as well as forthcoming sports events. On their sidebar the links of all major cable televisions such as EuroSport, TSN, ESPN, FoxHD, NBA HD and many others are available.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the live content on the website is not legitimate and the site is also known for installing viruses on your system. Therefore, we always recommend that you have a VPN active and a good as well as updated antivirus installed on your computer.

Details About the CricHD Website:

The Genesis and Growth of CricHD:

CricHD began as a niche platform focusing solely on live cricket streaming. Over time, it expanded its offerings to include a wider range of sports. This section will delve into the history of CricHD, tracing its evolution from a cricket-centric site to a more diversified sports streaming platform.

It will highlight key developments and how CricHD has adapted to changing viewer preferences and technological advancements in online sports broadcasting.

Features and User Interface of CricHD:

One of the major draws of CricHD is its user-friendly interface and array of features designed for a seamless viewing experience. This part of the article will focus on the functionalities of CricHD, such as high-quality live streaming, real-time match scores, and interactive features like chat rooms.

The user interface, ease of navigation, and accessibility across various devices will also be discussed, demonstrating how CricHD caters to the needs of modern sports viewers.

CricHD Content Coverage and Accessibility:

CricHD boasts an extensive coverage of cricket matches from around the world, including major tournaments, leagues, and series. This segment will explore the depth and breadth of CricHD’s content, examining how it provides comprehensive access to live matches, replays, and cricket-related news.

The platform’s commitment to offering wide-ranging coverage, including access to different sports beyond cricket, will also be highlighted.

CricHD Legal Considerations and User Safety:

The legal aspects and safety concerns surrounding online streaming sites like CricHD are critical for users to understand. This section will discuss the legality of streaming content on CricHD, addressing copyright issues and the platform’s adherence to broadcasting rights.

Additionally, it will cover the safety measures CricHD employs to protect user data and ensure a secure streaming experience.

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All the above mentioned digital channels are great alternatives for cricket HD. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose if it provides high quality, fast live online streaming to a large audience then it is safe to label it a good online streaming sports channel. We hope that this article was useful. Thank you for reading!