C. Dubois Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A volunteer in the top left corner of the arena paced the landing while holding a laminated banner in vain as another day of boxing began inside this famous arena. The instructions were explicit: no chanting or standing, wash your hands and wear a mask, and so on.

Almost no one paid attention to the former. As athletes and representatives from many countries yelled, jumped to their feet, and even banged drums, noise poured down from the sky.

C. Dubois Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

C. Dubois Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Caroline Dubois, a boxer from Britain, entered the arena in the women’s lightweight quarterfinals to cause a commotion of her own. The match against Thailand’s Sudaporn Seesondee was intense and close, but she ultimately lost by a single point.

The match featured a battle of generations as Dubois, age 20, a top junior and youth Olympic winner, started her transition into senior fights against a former world silver medalist, age 29.

It was a close, strategic standoff from the start, with both women assessing the other and picking their spots to attack. Sudaporn’s right hand was somewhat more effective, hence the judges gave her the round.

The second round continued in a similar vein, with the exception of an increase in right hooks landed by Dubois. Because of the closeness of the fight, the judges’ decisions for each round varied from round to round, with the scores being even heading into the final round.

The final round proved how brutal boxing can be when everything is on the line. Each woman left an indelible mark on the other as she fought to the finish. At the end, there was almost no distance between them.

At the end of each round, Sudaporn would raise her arms to the heavens and pump her fist in joy as the other boxers awaited their destiny. However, that was only bluster on his part. When she learned she had won by a single point, Sudaporn collapsed to her knees. Dubois reacted by walking around the ring in disbelief.

Last Words

After a rough afternoon, Dubois will be left to reflect while Sudaporn advances to the semifinals to face Kellie Harrington of Ireland. She tried to address the press but was unsuccessful. She was so shaken up that she hid her face and had to be swiftly ushered out.