B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The city council gave Bianca money so that they could promote Victoria Bay as a top surfing spot and encourage other local athletes to succeed. Dirk Wessels, who is in charge of the Strategic Services portfolio, was overjoyed to hear about Bianca’s medal placement today.

This morning, I received so many calls and messages that I felt like everyone in South Africa was paying attention to what was happening with her.

B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

It’s incredible that George Municipality would have such a stellar representative in Bianca; she’s living proof that we’re living among future global winners. She is a role model for all of the surfers and athletes in our community because her success is evidence of the rewards that can be attained through perseverance and hard effort.

George Municipality is thrilled to have worked with Bianca and looks forward to continuing its partnership with her and developing further community leaders.

Mayor of Executive Services Leon Van Wyk gushed at Bianca’s success. This Silver award is unquestionably a reflection of her hard work and talent. We hope to see her again when she returns to George.

She has done a fantastic job representing George, and she will undoubtedly contribute to Victoria Bay and George becoming recognised on the global surfing scene. Victoria Bay is a world-class surfing destination, and we should make every effort to promote it by holding competitions and events there on a regular basis.

We decided to back Bianca as an athlete because we wanted to try a new approach to marketing George Municipality as a tourist destination. We’re pleased that our help had even a small role in her Olympic victory.

This morning, Bianca competed against strong competition on her way to the finals, and she consistently impressed with her skill and resolve.

When Bianca returned to South Africa and George, the Tourism Manager, Joan Shaw, thanked her.

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