A. Tijan Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

There is a lot of sand in Qatar, yet the country is not known for its beach activities.

Despite not having a long history of volleyball, the ambitious Arab nation put together one of the best teams in the world.

A. Tijan Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Tijan Career

Ahmed was born and raised in the neighbouring Gambia, where he played football, table tennis, and street volleyball. Around 2011, he decided to move to Senegal in order to compete in a more competitive indoor volleyball league.

After that, I connected with a management who helped me land a trip to Doha “the 26-year-old thought back, adding that he had played indoor volleyball for a while before making the transition to beach volleyball.

Because of the help and resources supplied by the Qatar Volleyball Association, the country’s national team won the tournament.

Younousse, after a brief run with Tijan in 2014, made it to the Round of 16 at the 2016 Rio Olympics with Brazilian-born Jefferson Santos Pereira.

Cherif and Ahmed formed a partnership in 2018 with the goal of qualifying for Tokyo 2020. In their first year together, they won the Asian Games and the AVC Asian Championships for Qatar, and the following year, they won another continental title and silver medals in the four-a-side competition at the ANOC World Beach Games in Doha.

A. Tijan Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The medal they won in Tokyo was significant for them on more than simply an individual level.

“The popularity of beach volleyball in Qatar is now widely known. This was the intended result “Cherif extended the meaning.

“We didn’t begin just now, though. Norway’s beach volleyball programme isn’t a recent innovation. The same holds true for Qatar. Every resource is at our disposal. But, as I’ve already mentioned, getting here took us eight long years. Imaginable, right? This is a great moment, but the race is far from over.

After the Olympic podium, the next logical step for the duo would be to compete in the 2024 World Championships in Paris.

Among the favourites to win the World Cup is our team. The competition in beach volleyball is fierce, making it difficult to predict a victor “said the 26-year-old defensive end.

“The top 15 are all competitive at the world championship and Olympic levels. So, for now, we’ll just put in the effort to play even better than we did this year.

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