A. Massialas Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Hi, I’m Alex Massialas. An original Bay Area resident. After competing in London and Rio, where I won silver in the individual and bronze in the men’s foil team event in Rio, I’ve qualified to compete in Tokyo as a member of Team USA. for more Information about the A. Massialas Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. You should keep reading.

A. Massialas Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Massialas Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

My parents made it quite clear when I started fencing that my dad would be a coach on the strip but a dad at home. In fact, over the most majority of my professional life, we haven’t deviated from that. Nothing he says bothers me on a personal level. I understand that his goal is to help me become a better coach.

On the other hand, even as an athlete and coach, he has a long list of accomplishments. Actually, he had competed in the Olympics three times. In all likelihood, a wealth of experience. In addition, he officiated Olympic competitions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re his son or not, or if you’re in his programme, because he’s been around the sport for so long and has such a high level notion about the sport and what it takes to be successful that he has so much to offer.

Having a coach, let alone a father, who had gone through the Olympic process himself, competed in these high-pressure moments, walked in the opening ceremonies, and was able to guide me and his other students through the steps based on his own experience, was extremely valuable to me as I went through the process and competed in my first two Olympics.

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