How To Fix ‘0x80070002’ Windows Update Error

Encountering error codes can be a common yet challenging experience for Windows users. One such error that often perplexes individuals is the Windows Error Code 0x80070002. This comprehensive article aims to demystify what this error means, explore its causes, and provide practical solutions to effectively resolve it.


Understanding Error Code 0x80070002

Error Code 0x80070002, often displayed as “The system cannot find the file specified,” is a Windows error that typically occurs during Windows Update, system restore, or when setting up a Windows operating system. This error can cause updates to fail and can be a source of significant frustration.

Nature of the Error Code 0x80070002

The 0x80070002 error is generally related to Windows Update and system files. It indicates that there is a discrepancy between the update files that Windows is trying to access and the files that are available on the system. This inconsistency leads to the update process being disrupted.

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Common Causes of the 0x80070002 Error

The error code 0x80070002 can be triggered by various factors, including:

1. Corrupted or Missing Files

The error often arises due to corrupted or missing system files required for the Windows Update process.

2. Incorrect Date and Time Settings

Incorrect or unsynchronized date and time settings on your computer can lead to issues with Windows Update servers.

3. Windows Update Glitches

Sometimes, the Windows Update process itself may have internal bugs or glitches, leading to this error.

4. Issues with the Windows Update Components

Problems with the Windows Update components on your system can trigger this error.

5. Conflicts with Installed Software

Certain third-party software installed on your system can interfere with the Windows Update process.

How To Fix Error 0x80070002?

We have provided you some effective solutions which already have proved useful for other users to solve this issue. You have no need to perform all the methods. Just start from the first one. If the first one fails to fix your issue then only in that case you have to perform the next method.

Find the most effective method for your device. The methods are as follows which you can find below: The error may be coded differently in various versions of Windows as in Windows XP it will display as 0x80070002 and in Windows 10/8/7 it will display as 80070002.

The issue has been reported when some of the files present present in Windows update gets currepted or they are missing. This may happen even your update is downloaded successfully or in case of faulty issues of driver. So just carry on to the article and try these methods.

Method 1: Check the Date and Time Settings

It may seems unbelievable that you can fix the error 0x80070002 by correcting the time and date of your Computer as the most common cause of this error is the incorrect time and date of your Computer. That’s why you must make sure that the date and time of your computer is synchronised with that of server of Internet time.

One of the most effective solution to get rid of the error 0×80070002 as it has fixed this error for many Windows users. The most common causal reason for the error 0×80070002 is the incorrect setting of date or time. That’s why you must make sure you have a correct date and time.

Follow the steps given below to correct the time for Windows 7 or 8:

Step 1: First of all you have to click on the button Date and Time which is present at the below right corner then select the settings of date and time.

Step 2: Now you have to click on Change date Time just to make sure that your Windows have a correct date and time. Now click option OK.

Step 3: Now click option “Change time zone” in order to make sure you have a correct time zone. Then click on option OK.

Step 4: Now click on the tab “Internet Time” which you may find at the top then select the option “Change Settings”

Step 5: Tick on the box present next to the option “Synchronize with an Internet time server” then select option “Update now” and click on “OK”.

Step 6: Now select the option “OK” in order to complete the settings.

Step 7: Restart your device once just to make the settings effective then try to update your Windows to check if the error is fixed completely.

If you are having a the version Windows 10, then you have to follow the given steps to check the settings of date and time by Command Prompt:

Step 1: First of all you have to open the Command Prompt by putting “cmd” in search bar. Click on Command Prompt when appears.

Step 2: Now click “Run as administrator” and click “Yes”.

Step 3: Now put the date, time and w32tm/resync in your Windows and don’t forget to hit Enter key after each command. You can put the correct date and time in Windows then hit Enter key if it is incorrect.

Step 4: Restart your device once then update your Windows to have a look if the error is fixed.

Method 2: Modify the Windows Update Installation Files

Sometimes the causal reason of error 0x80070002 may be the failure of system update failure and may the files of Update installation are missing or corrupted. That’s why you have to delete this installation file or to rename the folder of Installation to fix the error.

Before moving further to modify files or folders, you should stop the service of Windows Update. Unless you will unable to modify it. Follow the steps mentioned bow to do so:

Step 1: Disable the Windows Update service

First of all you have to press the combination of keys Windows logo + R key simultaneously to open Run box.

Put the command services.msc and select “OK”.

Now you have to double click on option “Windows update” (double click on option “Automatic update” in case of Windows XP).

Now flip Startup type into Automatic then select “Start in Service status” and then select Apply them OK.

Restart your device once and check if issue is solved.

Step 2: Delete the Software Distribution Folder

Follow the steps given below to dete the software distribution folder:

First of all double click on drive in which your installed windows is located, mostly C drive.

Locate to Windows folder the SoftwareDistribution.

Remove folder SoftwareDistribution by deleting it. (You must type your password and confirmation if asked).

Or you can rename the folder to SoftwareDistributionOld in case you don’t want to delete it.

Now close each panel.

Step 3: Re-enable the Windows Update service

Follow the steps mentioned below to re-enable the Windows Update Service:

First of all you have to press the combination of keys Windows logo + R key simultaneously to open Run box.

Put the command services.msc and select “OK”.

Now you have to right click on option “Windows update” (double click on option “Automatic update” in case of Windows XP) and click “Start” option.

Restart your device once and check if issue is solved.

This method may solve your issue. But unfortunately if not then you must try the next method mentioned below.

Method 3: Try Windows Update Troubleshooter

Whenever you are having any issue in Windows Update then in such case Windows Update Troubleshooter can be the best considered method.

We have provided the steps to perform Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Follow the steps to do so:

Step 1: First of all you have to download troubleshooter from the Microsoft.

Step 2: Now run this troubleshooter file which you have downloaded.

Step 3: Select the option Windows Update then select “Next”.

Step 4: Now your issue will be fixed by running it. Restart your device once after the process is completed. Try to update your Windows now and have a look if the issue is fixed now.

Your issue must be fixed by doing so but if not then try our next method given below.

Method 4: Modify Registry Editor

If all the other methods that we have mentioned above in our article is failed to fix the error 0x80070002 then you must try this method and it will surely fix the issue. Before you are proceeding to further steps you will have to select the language to English (United States) from the language settings.

And also run the “Windows Media Creation Tool” as an administrator by right-clicking on it and click on option “Run as administrator”. Then follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all you have to press the combination of keys Windows logo + R key simultaneously from your keyboard.

Step 2: Now put the command “regedit” and hit the Enter key. You will also have to permit the administrative right in order to open and select “Yes” for confirmation.

Step 3: Now move to the location given below:


Step 4: Click on the key “OSUpgrade” and right click on area which is empty present on right panel of the Registry Editor. Then select option “New” and sect DWORD (32-bit) value.

Step 5: Now just right-click on NewValue#1 which you have created recently then click on “Modify”.

Step 6: Change this newly created value name to AllowOSUpgrade. Now you have to double-click on the number which is present below the Value data and put there “1” ( ” is not included). Now click on option “Hexadecimal” and select the option “OK”.

Step 7: Restart your device once to make the newly made settings effective and try Windows update to have a look if the issue has solved now.

Your issue must be solved by doing so.

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The Windows Error Code 0x80070002, while daunting, is generally resolvable through systematic troubleshooting. By understanding its causes and applying these solutions, users can typically rectify the issue and successfully update their Windows systems. Regular maintenance, including updating system files and running antivirus scans, can prevent many such errors.

However, if the problem persists, it might indicate a more serious issue, and consulting with a professional technician or reaching out to Microsoft support may be advisable. Remember, patience and careful execution of these steps are key to effectively resolving Windows update errors.